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What is #PublicizePeace?

Every time you turn on the TV or radio, there is another news story depicting terrorism, hate, and violence, while highlighting the divisiveness of our Israeli and global societies. While this narrative is part of our story, there is a powerful alternative. For every atrocity, there are those who are dedicated to creating a more equitable, shared, and peaceful society in Israel.

At times like this, when we find ourselves surrounded by news of antagonism and atrocities, it is the responsibility of communities like ours, communities of peace, to show that there is an alternative.

It is not easy. We are facing an uphill battle against those who use ignorance and fear to drive Jews and Arabs apart. We need you to join our movement for peace and take a stand against inequality, racism, and hate. We will become a powerful sea of faces with alternative narratives, narratives that show a shared society is not just possible, but is the only way to move forward.

All we ask is that you share your story. Tell us why a shared society is important to you and what moments have given you hope that it is possible. One voice is a murmur while many voices is a roar. #PublicizePeace

The Stories

Aslam Gara came from teaching at an Arab school. When she saw the students at Hagar, she realized how difficult it was to tell whether one was Jewish or Arab.

Liya Donchin, a mother of three, talks about her own experiences being taught compared to how her children are in Hagar, and how important it is to be openminded.

Hanita Hadad was pleasantly surprised to see how happy her daughter played with a Muslim woman and her child.

Luna sees the Arabs and Jews at Hagar more like family than strangers.

Roi sees Hagar as not just a school of learning but experiences.

Ali Abu Ajaj is a father of three who came to Hagar looking for sanity in a complicated reality. Here, he talks about what that means.

Khalil Elsana talks about how it’s important to preserve his Bedouin traditions while living with Jews.

Hila Shivpel, a Hagar teacher, talks about how she was inspired by a student when they were studying the story “Sweet Tea with Mint.”

How can I #PublicizePeace?

1. Upload your story of peace to Youtube and share it below.

2. Tweet your story with our hashtag #PublicizePeace

3. Share your story of peace on Facebook and tag Hagar Association and use the hashtag #PublicizePeace.

I Want to #PublicizePeace

Record your story:  Tell us a story of you or someone you know working to create peace – not just expressions of peace but the act of making peace, and upload it to YouTube. Was it the last time you had a meaningful conversation with another? The time you attended a class about a different culture than your own? Then submit it below.

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Why #PublicizePeace?

Over a year has past since the heightened violence and tension in Israel began. And somehow, despite this latest wave of violence, our children and community continue to develop deep bonds that are not constrained by religion, ethnicity, or gender. Take Nura. During the last school year, other parents in her pre-kindergarten targeted her and her family after a terrorist attack in Beer Sheva simply because they were Arab. They compared a three-year-old child to unmentionable things and did not want their children to be around her.

Nura and her family were welcomed to the bilingual, multicultural Hagar schools and community with open. We chose friendship over hate and fear. Our community believes during trying times, it is the responsibility of communities like ours, communities of peace, to show that there is an alternative. Living together is not a slogan at Hagar; it is our daily reality. Our strength is our confidence in each other. Every meaningful relationship begins with a name: Hagar, הגר , هاجر .

Living together is not a slogan at Hagar; it is our daily reality. Our strength is our confidence in each other.

What is Hagar?

Hagar: Jewish-Arab Education for Equality is dedicated to creating a shared space for Jewish and Arab residents of the Negev – a space based on the foundations of multiculturalism, bilingualism and equality. Through the establishment of bilingual, integrated schools and a vibrant shared community, Hagar provides sustainable alternatives for civic engagement, education and pedagogy, which bring hope for a more peaceful future in the Negev.

Thank You

#PublicizePeace was made possible with a generous gift from the New Israel Fund (NIF), the work of many skilled volunteers, and donations from people like you. We are very grateful for their support and hard work.

Help #PublicizePeace

You can help Hagar continue its mission of educating Jewish and Arab residents of the Negev alike based on the foundations of multiculturalism, bilingualism, and equality. Donate today.

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